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What is meant by the term "Short Run CDs"?

You hear this term quite often in the music and data duplication industry. What it boils down to is simple – a short run CD duplication job is any job 500 or less that is duplicated in-house (not at a CD replication plant). So, the printing, CDs (these are usually CD-Rs), packaging, assembly, and shrink-wrap are all done at our facility – Rainbow Recording Studio. There are a number of positive things that are a benefit for our clients that come out of this process:

QUALITY CONTROL – We don’t farm out any part of your order. So, we can oversee the whole process. And, we can kick out any irregularities, to make sure each and every short run CD is the best it can be. Quality is number one. We stand behind all our products.

CD-R QUALITY IS BETTER THAN EVER - These days there are fewer and fewer problems with CD-Rs playing on any CD player. But if there are problems, it’s usually the CD player’s fault. Our CD-Rs are of the highest quality! (see disclaimer at the bottom of the page.)

QUICK TURN-A-ROUND – Depending on graphics approval, we can usually get an short run CDs order out within 10 working days. If you need a rush order, call or e-mail us for a price quote.

LOW PRICE – Check out our low, competitive pricing on all of the services below!

100 CD-Rs with 2-Panel 4/1 and 4/0 traycard - $400.00*

100 CD-Rs with 2-Panel 4/4 and 4/0 traycard - $425.00*

100 CD-Rs with 4-Panel 4/1 and 4/0 traycard - $450.00*

100 CD-Rs with 4-Panel 4/4 and 4/4 traycard - $495.00*

Of course, all of the above include - Jewel cases, Shrink wrap and Assembly - Ready to Sell!

* If CD printing utilizes full coverage color printing, add $35.00

What is meant by 4/1 and 4/4 in the pricing above? 4/0 means 4 (full) color printing on the outside panel, and no printing on the inside panel.

4/1 means 4 (full) color printing on the outside panels, and 1 color printing on the inside panels.

4/4 means 4 (full) color printing on the outside panels, and 4 (full) color printing on the inside panels.

What is a traycard?

It is the piece of printed material that is placed under the tray that holds the CD and is visible thru the back of the jewel case and the tray.


100 Duplicated Short Run CDs (just the CDs on a spindle – no printing) - $250.00

Please add one time $40.00 disc-print set-up fee to the following: (This fee is waived if graphics file is ready to go)

100 Duplicated Short Run CDs (on a spindle w/ black printing on disc) - $285.00

100 Duplicated Short Run CDs (on a spindle w/ color printing on disc) - $320.00

Slim or standard jewel case - $1.30 ea. Paper sleeve - $0.50 ea. Shrink wrap - $1.00 ea. Shrink wrap with material inserted - $1.35 ea.

QUICK DISCLAIMER – We faithfully duplicate what you send us. is not responsible for errors on the master that are duplicated to the copies. That said, we strive to catch and fix any problems that are noticed with your permission. And if it is our fault, we will make good. The same is to be said about any graphics for printing that have been approved for reproduction. We stand behind our product 100%.

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