Professional Studio Analog to Digital Transfers


So what is meant by transfers? Well, what most people are doing today, is updating their precious audio or video material in an older analog formats (i.e. – Cassettes, Reel to Reel Tape, Records, VHS Tape) and even DAT and ADAT formats to newer digital formats like CDs and DVDs.

They are making these transfers for at least three reasons. They wish to archive their material in a better quality format that will last longer. They also wish to transfer this material before it degrades any further in the current analog form it’s in. Also, they just want to be able to play the material in today’s popular CD and DVD players.

If you’ve come to this page looking for help transferring from one of the following formats, then can help!

Cassette to CD
Reel to Reel to CD (Most all speeds and formats)
Records to CD
Any of the above formats to DVD (for archive purposes)
Beta to DVD
Hi8 MM, 8 MM, & Digital Video to DVD

Other specific format transfers are possible, just ask by going to our "Info & Help" Page.

Help & Info on Transfers to CD or DVD

Of course, duplicating and labeling form CD-to-CD or DVD-to-DVD is a service we also provide. Short runs of 1 to 100 are gladly accepted. Just send us your master with labeling information and we’ll take it from there!

QUICK DISCLAIMER – We faithfully duplicate what you send us. is not responsible for errors on the master that are duplicated to the copies.That said, we strive to catch and fix any problems that are noticed with your permission. And if it is our fault, we will make good. We stand behind our product 100%.


Pricing is based upon the length (time) of the transfer.

1st CD (up to 60 Minutes) - $25.00

Next 20 Minutes (up to 80 Minutes Total) - add $10.00


1st DVD (up to 60 Minutes) - $35.00

Next 60 minute block - Add $10.00 for each block.

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